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Whose *?

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

MAX: They come and they go, Hobbs. They come and they go. I’ll be around here longer than you or anybody else here. I’m here to protect this game.
ROY: Whose game?
The Natural, 1984
“I don’t think you can put an asterisk in the game of baseball, and I don’t think that the Hall of […]

Concepcion Goes For A Spin In Wrigley

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

I’ve heard of baseball players being superstitious and doing strange things to try and readjust their mojo, but sometimes they just seem like idiotic 20-something boys. Case in point, I give you David Ismael Concepcion.
It was 1976. The Reds were in Chicago in April playing the Cubs, and the only thing colder than the […]

Computer Blue

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

(Note: The following rant is overlong, meandering, and continuing proof why writers need an editor, but I felt I needed to regurgitate it here, despite the fact that it’s fairly in-cohesive and probably makes no sense)
MAX: They come and they go, Hobbs. They come and they go. I’ll be around here longer than […]

Mixed Feelings

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

I will be in the bleachers at Giants Park tonight seriously stewing over the whole Barry Bonds conundrum. Part of me wants to be there, and possibly even catch, the ball the ties Bonds and Ruth which could very easily be hit off of Rich Hill tonight. Another part of me doesn’t want […]

(Not-So) Perfect

Friday, May 5th, 2006

Sure, right after I go on and on about how great Maddux and Cedeno are doing, the team lands in Arizona and both guys have a lousy couple of games. This makes me fear the next Seam Marshal start.
The whole team played terribly, but, for some reason, the Cubs can never seem […]


Thursday, December 8th, 2005

So Tejada mouths off to a newspaper that he wants a trade and everyone starts jumping up and down like Hendry can just walk over and offer a couple of prospects for him and the Orioles would simply say “Here you go! You can have him!”
A few things - 1. After the mess that both […]

More Trades, Less Rumors

Wednesday, December 7th, 2005

So the Cubs have traded for Juan Pierre and have apparently given the Marlins 3 more pitching prospects to do it. Pierre plays center, doesn’t hit for power (2 HR), but is speedy (57 SB) and he hit 60 points higher than Corey Patterson did last season (.267 vs. 215). There’s a lot teeth gnashing […]

Murton Interview

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005

There’s a great interview up on with our favorite redhead, Matt Murton. I am liking this guy more and more all the time. It’s obvious he has the ability, but he also has the right mindset, drive, and ambition. It’s the kind of attitude that puts the ‘professional’ in ‘professional […]

Right Field

Thursday, October 13th, 2005

There is an interesting diary over at Bleed Cubbie Blue asking if the Cubs should try Aramis in right field and keep Nomar at short.
While this is an intriguing idea not a terrible idea, I don’t think its a ultimately a good idea. Ramirez has shown that he is a tad injury prone, as […]

Norby Sets Us Straight

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

Norby Williamson, ESPN’s executive vice-president for studio and remote production, contends geography isn’t an issue.
“If you look at the NFL, we don’t do more Jets stories,” Williamson said. “We do far more Dallas stories, because they are ‘America’s Team.’”
This is from Ed Sherman’s latest article in the Trib talking about ESPN’s east coast leanings. […]