2 Out Of 3 Ain’t Bad

This series went completely opposite of how I thought it would go.

I thought the Red Sox would knock around Maddux, especially with the wind blowing out, but it was the Cubs including Maddux that carried the big bats in that game.

I though that Zambrano would come strong, espcially after a tough start last weekend, but it was the Cubs continued hot hitting that covered Z’s early mistakes.

I thought that our most consistant pitcher, Rusch, would continue his effectiveness and the Cubs would knock around Wakefield, who has had an increasing ERA all season. Well, last night, he managed to bring that number down somewhat as he just made the Cubs look silly at the plate, while the Cubs gave up 17 hits, the most this year.

I was stuck in the ‘E-Bay’ section, completely surrounded by Sox fans. Apparently, everyone sitting in the last 3 rows of 215, myself included, bought thier tickets on Ebay. The previous games, I procured better seas through Stubhub.com for less money. The seats weren’t terrible and I even had a Ditka sighting has he meandered his way to the booth for the 7th ining stretch. A nice cheer of “Let’s Go Ditka, Let’s Go!” by the fans got a big wave from Da Coach. His rendition of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” was his best yet.

I think the key to a succesful job during the 7th inning stretch is not so much in the quality of your voice, but the pace at which you sing the song. Harry had it down perfectly and I think too many of the sinngers try to rush through it or change it somehow. Instead of giving the singers the words to the song, the Cubs should provide a tape of Harry singing and just tell the person to emulate the style of the song more tha getting all the words perfect.

Anyway, I type this from a Flying J reststop on I-94 on my way to Cooperstown via Niagara Falls and I need to be getting on my way. There is a photo page from last night linked on the right.

Go Cubs!

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