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Over the last few months, those of you dropping by this site have been seeing a graphic at the top of the right sidebar. I had finally figured out a way to make this a randomly rotating pic when I got the bright idea of making rollover comments about each one and a link to the stats of that player or team. Of course this made the project that much more complicated to implement (for someone still trying to figure out javascript and PHP), but after wrestling with it all weekend, I finally have it up and working. The majority of the pics are player cards and team photos that include a rollover with some quick info and a link to their stats over at There are already over 80 pics in the the lot and I want to add more over time. Eventually, I want to use these pic within my main Cubs history site.

Speaking of the main site, I continue to chip away at it, one game at a time. I have debated when I want to start publishing and I certainly can’t wait until it’s totally complete because it may be years. I think I will wait till I get done with the 19th century, which may still take me another year or two, but I have a very clear vision of what I want this to be and I’m the kind of person who refuses to put something out into the world before it’s 110% perfect.

As for this blog, I know it has been intermittent since the season ended, but that’s only because I haven’t had that much to say on all the off-season hububbaloo. I really think it’s pointless to post about rumors and other crap that, at this point, have nothing to do with the game of baseball. Right now, it’s all about agents and egos and none of that interests me. The few posts I have made about the off-season dealings were more of a reaction to the ridiculous comments I’ve been seeing on the other blogs and not even about the happenings themselves. I wish I could just disconnect from the bloggosphere until March but I’m addicted to both the internet and the Cubs so I guess I’ll have to suffer through it.

So blogging will be light. I’ll still continue the “You Never Knew They Were Cubs” series when I have the time and I’ll always post fascinating historical tidbits when I run across them. I’ll be working mostly on the main site in the meantime. I really should do something to update that as well, but I just like the simplicity of it and the quotes seem just as relevant now as they were 140 years ago.

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