Depth of Characters

CBS Sportsline (via Baseball Musings) has updated their depth charts to reflect all the moves team have made in the off-season. The Cubs chart hold a few interesting tidbits, especially when compared to the depth chart ( has a depth chart but only lists starters Murton, Pierre, Jones, Ramierez, Cedeno, Walker, Lee, and Barrett) -

  • CBS places Hairston ahead of Murton and Patterson in left while the chart has Murton ahead of only Hairston. I can only assume that CBS put Murton ahead of Hairston due to Hairston’s seniority and Murton’s small sample size. Besides, Hairston’s only played 30 games in left over the last two years and Patterson’s only covered it 13 times and that was in 2001. Murton has the most upside and should get the chance to start in left, unless Baker tries to sneak in the newly acquired Grissom.
  • CBS and agree on a Pierre, Patterson, Hairston depth for center. Pierre’s a no-brainer, but if Hairston is good enough for CBS to place above Murton and Patterson in left, why wouldn’t he rank above Corey in center. Patterson and Hairston had virtually the same fielding % in center (smaller sample size for Hairston, of course). Patterson might be a bit speedier, but Hairston hit almost 60 points higher than Corey did. That should count for something.
  • Jones is placed at the top in right on both charts, but CBS follows him with Mabry and Murton and lists Patterson and Mabry. I can definitely see Mabry backing up all the outfield spots, but not behind of Patterson. Frankly, depending on how Grissom does in spring training, I just don’t see any room for Corey on this squad. He has great talent but a bad attitude - he needs to be gone by April.
  • Aramis obviously covers third again next year. CBS puts down Neifi as his back-up while lists Mabry. While Mabry was probably brought in as an outfield back-up, he has 123 games under his belt at 3rd, while Neifi has 10. Mabry does has most of his career errors at third while Neifi did have a better BA last year, so I guess it is kind of a toss up.
  • Both sites agree on Cedeno starting at short with Neifi backing him up. Hopefully, thats the way Dusty plays it, too.
  • puts Walker over rookie Ryan Theriot at second. CBS ticks off Walker, Hairston, Perez, and then Theriot. Hairston has played most of his career at second but if Dusty is going to insist on playing Perez, I guess I’d rather it be as a sub at short. I’d like to keep Walker in the line-up as much as possible.
  • Lee covers first, of course, and hopefully gets an extension signed before the season starts. CBS names Brian Dopirak his back-up, which is unlikely as Dopirak will probably start the season in Iowa. puts Mabry as back-up, which is more likely, but hopefully, unnecessary. I would like to see Dusty give Lee a few more days off next year, though. carrying a team on your back can wear a guy out.
  • Both site list Barrett, Blanco, and Soto as the backstop for the Cubs. I’m hoping Barrett will improve behind the plate next season because, despite Blanco’s surge at the end of last year, Barrett is still the better offensive player. Soto will probably be a September call-up unless we lose our surplus of outfielders.
  • Starting pitching gets interesting. CBS made a list of Prior, Zambrano, Maddux, Williams, Rusch, Wood. has Zambrano, Maddux, Prior, Williams, Rusch.’s list has Prior, Wood, Zambrano, Maddux, and Rusch. Zambrano’s the man, no doubt about it. Prior could regain the top spot with an injury-free year. At this point, I’d put Rusch ahead of Maddux, as Greggie’s fall-off might be a bit steeper this year. We’ve already been told to not expect Wood to be ready by opening day, so he’s a bit of a wild card. I have a feeling this year will either be dominant or disastrous for him, but it’s too early to tell at this point. We’ll know more in February.
  • As for relievers,’s list has Demptser, Wuertz, Ohman, Williamson, Novoa, Wood, Hill, Koronka, Eyre, and Howry. CBS has Dempster, Howry, Eyer, Wuertz, Wellenmeyer, Ohman, Williamson, and Novoa. Howry and Eyre were probably listed last on the Cubs site because they’re new, but, with what Hendry paid for them, he has to agree more with the CBS list. It will be interesting to see where Williamson is at this spring. He was mediocre coming back from surgery last season, but with more time to get his stuff back, we’ll see if going under the knife did him any good, especially since he turns 30 before the season starts. I find it interesting that doesn’t list Wellenmeyer anywhere in their pitching depth charts.

With another 2 months before spring training really gets going, a lot of changes could still be made. I still don’t think the Cubs are serious about trading their aces for Tejada, but with Maddux on the way out and Wood’s future up in the air, they could be pushing hard for Zito, which could push Rusch back into the pen.

I’ll give our favorite team something - they may consistently disappoint and annoy us, but they are never boring.

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