Weekend Roundup

From the Chicago Tribune -

  • Dusty gave a pre-convention interview to (or at least covered by) staff reporter Dave van Dyke. My favorite Dusty-ism was the acknowledgment/brushoff when asked about the Cubs poor fundamentals last season.

“We can’t keep beating ourselves up over what happened last year or else it will never leave us. My teams don’t play like that. That was one of the poorest fundamental teams I’ve had in 13 years [of managing]. I’m going to do the same things I’ve always done. I have to re-stress some other areas. I do know baseball. I have a pretty good idea what we have to do. At this point talk is cheap—you just have to do it.”

  • He also says some un-Dusty things about when asked about Murton and Cedeno and also manages to work in a subtle dig at Patterson.

“Hey, man, you have to give them a chance to play sometime. Murton has hit everywhere he has played. And Cedeno really hit the last couple of years. He was the rookie of the year in Venezuela (winter league) and I was proud of him for going to play. He’s ready to play for us.”

  • “I love playing here, I have no desire to leave,” so says Mark Prior in this piece by staff reporter Paul Sullivan. Sullivan covered the Friday press conference with Baker and Prior and most of the questions revolved around the trade talk involving Tejada. Prior’s obviously a smart guy who knows these things are a part of baseball.

“If they’re going to request me, if it’s an honest negotiation, that’s part of the business. Now if there is something out there where they are trying to trade me, I would hope somebody would just be honest with me and tell me that. But I don’t think that’s the case.”

  • Sullivan describes the crowd during the player introductions at the convention as giving Prior the “…longest and loudest ovation of any Cubs player upon being introduced during opening ceremonies…”. Al Yellon over at BleedCubbieBlue disagrees, saying that Prior’s ovation was “surely was long and loud, the one for Carlos Zambrano was longer and louder.”
  • The next day, Sullivan reports on the Q&A session the Bakers and Jim Hendry had with the fans. Sullivan starts off his article by taking a shot at his readers claiming “Cubs fans were all bark and little bite” in their criticism, “although the fans who did have a major beef with Cubs brass were usually backed up with a round of applause from the otherwise silent majority.”
  • Sullivan’s biggest contention was with fans who “rambled on and on about their Cubs-related heartbreak before offering an actual question, many plugging their Cubs-related blog.” I was not at the convention so I can’t say for sure, but I would guess that the Cub bloggers who pimped their sites weren’t the ones rambling on about their heartbreak. Bloggers have a public place to vent their frustrations, while the average Cubs fan, and Tribune subscriber, usually doesn’t. I think that Sullivan needs to remember that bloggers are out here writing because we’re passionate about the Cubs, while he writes about them because the corporation that owns the Cubs pays his salary.
  • The best shot a Cubs fan leveled at Baker was -

“I swear to God, I don’t understand why you’ve never heard of a squeeze bunt in your life,” the fan said. “A manager has a chance to have a direct impact on 10-15 games a season, and I don’t think we won one of them last year. Cubs fans make a commitment to you guys every year. It’s time you guys make a commitment to us.”

“Thank you,” Baker replied.

  • Tribune columnist Phil Rogers is still writing about Sammy Sosa. In this piece, Rogers talks about Sammy possibly getting a non-roster invite from the Nationals. While Sammy was terrible last year and missed a good portion of the season with injuries, he still might have a little left in his tank. I think the best offer Sosa could get would be a one year/incentive-laden contract for this year with a team-option for a second year so the team could lock him up if he does rebound.
  • An interesting comment Rogers makes is hearing about when Sosa was playing for the Cubs. Perhaps Tribune staff reporters only gain ‘bite’ when players have left town.

“For one thing, he might have to accept a minor-league deal with a non-roster invitation to spring training–and wouldn’t that amuse the non-roster guys he treated like dirt while in his prime?”

  • Rogers later makes a comment about how well Cedeno has done in the Winter leagues. Rogers notes that a solid performance this season by Cedeno “and left fielder Matt Murton would go a long way for manager Dusty Baker.” How about that - Baker’s career in Chicago hinging on rookies.

From the Chicago Sun-Times -

  • Sun-Times staff reporter Mike Kiley also files a report on Mark Prior’s reaction to the trade rumors that features some different wording in what seems to be the say quote Sullivan attributes to Prior.

“Now, if they are just trying to trade me, then I would hope somebody would be honest and tell me that. But I don’t think that’s the case. Fortunately, it wasn’t something that was too serious. It was Rumorville. I have never been [ticked] off or anything. If anything was going to be done, I felt somebody would have called and said something.”

  • Kiley goes further into the interview than Sullivan did as Prior discussed how he is still recovering from the achilles issues he had last week. Prior talks about how he had to “to correct some habits I fell into because of what happened with my elbow.” About the opting-out of his contract, Prior said that it was “just part of the deal. It’s not like I can opt out and become a free agent.”
  • In another piece by Kiley, he address the rumors that the Cubs are talking to Tampa about trading for Julio Lugo. Kiley claims ‘team sources’ have said a trade is not in the works now, but that something may still happen before spring training starts. So nobody’s talking, but something could still happen in less than a month. Whatever.
  • Times columnist Chris De Luca writes about new Cubs reliever Bob Howry. Howry, a former south-sider, drinks the kool-aid and compares the Cubs and Sox starters.

“I think it’s different when you have guys who consistently put up the same numbers and guys who go out and have career years. Last year, if you put them head-to-head, yeah, they may have had the better staff. But if you want to look at it over the big picture … They had some career years.”

  • Howry also echoed some comments I have heard Prior talk about this off-season. Call it the Maddux-ing of the pitching staff.

“Instead of going out there and trying to challenge everybody in every situation, I’ve learned when to pick my battles. I’m not afraid to throw an offspeed pitch, instead of using my ego and saying, ‘I can throw this by you.’”

  • My favorite Howry quote was this gem about the Cubs-Sox rivalry and how, no matter what the Sox do, it’s a Cub town.

“It’s just the name — Cubs. It was more of a jealousy factor. Like in 2000, we’re over there just beating the crud out of everybody, and on our best days, we’re drawing 20,000 people. [The Cubs] are over there getting hammered, and they are selling out.”

  • In the same piece, De Luca makes a weird comment, stating that “it was encouraging to see Prior rubbing Zambrano’s surprisingly flat tummy.” I realize he was cutely mentioning that Zambrano appears to be in great shape, but did he have to do it so “Brokeback Mountain”-ish?

From the Daily Herald -

  • Herald sports writer Bruce Miles also files the prerequisite Mark Prior report, not adding to much but still highlighting Prior’s understanding of the off-season dynamics.

“It’s part of the game,” he said. “It was a busy off-season for those type of (talks). It wasn’t a big free-agent market. Guys were trying to get better. Obviously, when a guy requests a trade, a team has to look into it. I don’t really validate the rumors a whole lot.

  • Miles also filed a story covering the “Meet the Management” Q&A with Hendry and Baker. While acknowledging the “edgier tone” of the discussion and closing the piece describing one female fan’s personal heartbreak (which got a stock up-beat rah-rah answer from Baker), the majority of the story revolved around how much Miles would like to see Walker back on the Cubs. Miles also as degenerated in this annoying one-sentence-equals-one-paragraph style that has become a virus transmitted to sports writers throughout the country.

There was enough love for Todd Walker at the Cubs convention Saturday to reach all the way to his Louisiana home.

Walker wasn’t in Chicago to hear the cheers for him, but Cubs general manager Jim Hendry and field boss Dusty Baker certainly heard it.

In fact, they heard it over and over during Saturday morning’s town-hall meeting with a couple thousand fans at the Chicago Hilton and Towers.

  • Another piece in the Herald by Miles talks about the status of Kerry Wood as he comes off surgery to repair his shoulder. Hendry and Baker still haven’t seemed to answer the question as to whether it was a good idea to pitch Wood out of the bullpen as long as they did, despite the Cubs being out of contention since about two weeks after the All-Star break. Maybe the reporters were waiting for a fan to ask it.

“There are absolutely no negatives from the surgery,” Hendry said “There has been no snags in his rehabilitation. If the next 6-8 weeks go well, then he’s got an outside shot at teeing it up early on.

“We don’t anticipate a lot of lateness, but one thing we will all collectively do is not put him out there until we feel he’s ready to finish the season the rest of way healthy.”

From Cubs.com -

  • MLB.com reporter Carrie Muskat interviews the forgotten Cub of the off-season - Jerry Hairston. Hairston claims he was only ’seventy-five percent’ last year as he came off ankle surgery. He now says he is completely healthy, has lost 12 pounds, and that he’s been working with a track coach to get his speed back. He’s definitely buttering himself up for the front office.

“I want to get back to where I was,” Hairston said. “With my quickness back and my feet finally healthy for the first time in three years, I’m really excited to get back on the field. I feel like I’m 25 again — even though I’m still young at 29. I feel I’m ready to be myself again.”

  • Hairston refreshingly talks about some motivation for the Cubs that doesn’t live at the other end of the Red Line.

“When we saw Houston celebrate on their home turf, we got a chance to look at that and it really left a bad taste in our mouths,” Hairston said. “We were a little embarrassed and we want to change that. We do not want to feel the same way we did last year.”

  • Muskat also covered the Hendry/Baker Q&A with typical MLB.com blandness. The only hint of fan discontent was the following exchange between a fan and Hendry.

During one fan’s rant, he told Hendry and Baker he was tired of being razzed by his friends who are White Sox supporters, and that their winning the World Series made him sick.

“I’m really unhappy with you, Jim,” the fan said.

“I appreciate your comments,” Hendry said. “We went about our business [this off-season] to address our needs.”

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