Groundhog Day

The dead of winter finally ends today as the first (kinda) real baseball game is played out in Mesa. It’s the day that the Cubs first pop their collective heads out of the ground (or their asses, depending on your point of view) and we begin to get an idea of wether or not we fans are in for another year of heartache or not. Obviously, the first game of spring training is a poor way to judge how the whole season is going to turn out, but right now, it’s all we got.

So as I was driving to work today in wearing my 2003 spring training t-shirt under my 1884 Ryne Sandberg throwback and the Cubs hat I picked up in Cooperstown last summer, “With or Without You” by U2 came on the radio. While I was listening to the lyrics, I realized how appropriate the song was in terms of being a Cubs fan. I don’t want to reproduce all the lyrics here as I don’t want to be added to any music industry hit lists, but you can find them right here. Seriously, read those lyrics in the context of the song being written by a Cub fan begging his team not to kick him in the shins and run away another year. It’s perfect.

Another thought I had in the car this morning was in regards to contract issues with baseball players in general and specifically a few Cubs. I switched over to ESPN radio to listen to a bit about the labor issues not facing the NFL. Apparently, they could be headed for another strike or lockout by 2008. My train of thought went from how baseball could use that to their advantage to regain the “top spot” in american sports, as it were - to how that could probably never happen with the used car salesman still running things - to how the WBC could be a boon or bust for both MLB and Selig - to how it will be a bust if even one superstar player is lost for the season with an injury in what is basically a meaningless series of games - to how so very Cub-like to would be for that superstar to be Derek Lee.

When I came to that point I suddenly had the thought that maybe the reason the Cubs haven’t given Lee or Zambrano new long term deals yet is because they want to wait to see if their players are going to come out of these exhibition games in one piece. This wouldn’t be a bad idea. Why guarantee 20 million to a player over a few years only to see him go down with a muscle tear or broken bone a few days later in a marketing ploy. If MLB does end up putting on the WBC every four years like they have talked about, you may see more contracts built around that timeline or even with passages built in covering the teams financial ass if a player goes down outside of normal MLB play.

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  1. Steve Says:

    I think Bono was talking about the Cubs when he wrote that song. The Cubs are very similar to women–expensive and they rip your heart out.

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