(Not-So) Perfect

Sure, right after I go on and on about how great Maddux and Cedeno are doing, the team lands in Arizona and both guys have a lousy couple of games. This makes me fear the next Seam Marshal start.

The whole team played terribly, but, for some reason, the Cubs can never seem to do well on the road against the Diamondbacks.

Anyway, on to San Diego, who has had a nice streak going, but are due to start crashing the way the Cubs have been the last week. Somethings gotta give. I just hope it isn’t Marshal’s ankle.

On a historical note, today in 1904, Cy Young threw the first perfect game in the modern era of baseball. He pitched the Boston Americans to a 3-0 win over the Philadelphia A’s. Before that, there are only two perfect games on record, and they both happened within a week of each other -

John Lee Richmond pitching for the Worcester, MA team beat the Cleveland Blues 1-0 on June 12, 1880. He struck out 5 and only 3 balls made it to the outfield. Worcester’s only run was the result of an error. Richmond had a 6 year career and left the game with a 75-100 record.

John Montgomery Ward pitching for the Providence Grays beat the Buffalo Bisons 5-0 on June 17, 1880. Ward struck out 2 in the game. Ward was one of the best ball players and managers in the 19th century. He also helped form the first players union, as well as the short lived Players and Federal Leagues, and served as the president of the Boston Braves.

After Cy Young’s game 102 years ago (which was part of a 24 inning hitless streak), there have been 14 others. The last perfect game was thrown by Randy Johnson in 2004.

As far as our team goes, the only perfect game in the Cubs history was, of course, thrown against them by Sandy Koufax for the Dodgers in a 1-0 win in 1965.

There are two near misses for the Cubs in this regard. In 1971, Rick Wise of the Phillies pitched a 12 inning complete game against the Cubs, of which 10 2/3 innings were perfect as he retired 32 batters in a row. The losing pitcher for the Cubs that day was Milt Pappas, who would miss out on a prefect game of his own a year later, thanks to a walk on questionable 3-2 pitch called by rookie umpire Bruce Froemming.

There have also been 15 perfect games in the Japanese league, but none since 1994.

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