A Little History

As Al Yellon points out, today is the anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s first game at Wrigley Field.  The Dodgers beat the Cubs 4-2 that day but Robinson went 0-4, which broke a 14 game hitting streak.

The game on May 18, 1947 was attended by 46,572 which was actually the second largest crowd ever at Wrigley for a regular season game. 51,556 packed into Wrigley on June 27, 1930 to see the Cubs beat the Brooklyn Robins (who would be renamed the Dodgers a few years later ) 7-5 in 10 innings on a walk-off home run by Kiki Culyer.  30,476 of those were actually “Ladies’ Day” tickets, which was a ploy established by Mr. Wrigley to boost attendance by inviting “crasherettes” into the park for free on Fridays.  This was also in the day when overflow crowds were permitted into roped-off sections of the playing field.

Of course, as I have described in my Temporary Bleachers? section on the right, the Cubs built wooden bleachers that extended out onto Sheffield and Waveland to create extra seating for the ‘29, ‘32′ and ‘35 world series.   50,740 fans watched the first world series game played at Wrigley in 1929.

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