Uncle Lou

Well, I really am feeling kinda meh about Uncle Lou being brought on. A change needed to be made at manager and Joe Morgan can go on and on about how Dusty is a good manager but the reality is, both parties needed to move on and start over. Let Dusty go be a good manager somewhere else.

I know the Cubs Blog Army was really pushing for Girardi. I like him a lot too, I’m just not sure that I want him just yet. I give him a lot of credit for what he did in one year in Florida but some of the things that we heard about how he dealt with some players and management told me that he needed to mature into the role a bit longer to make me comfortable.

From a business standpoint, bringing Uncle Lou in makes a ton of sense. He’s a well known, colorful, aggressive manager who actually made some sensible comments during his stints in the booth during the playoffs. He’s also an attractive piece to have in place if TribCo is looking to sell the Cubs. Bring in someone who has won in the past but hasn’t actually done anything yet for his current club makes the current structure look a tad stronger.

Ultimately, the fate of the 2007 Cubs rests on Hendry’s shoulders. He needs to find pitching and one more solid bat. Zito should be target #1 in terms of free agents but maybe a trade could be worked out to solidify the starting lineup as well. Wood needs to resign himself to the bullpen and reinvent himself as the ace closer we all believe he can be.

And please - stop with the ARod nonsense. Why would any player waive a no-trade clause to go from the best record in baseball to the worst?

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