Game Log - A Walk in the Park

L 0-1
May 2 2004 - Sunday
CUBS (14-10) @ CARDS (13-12)
WP: Jason Isringhausen (2-0)
LP: Kyle Farnsworth (0-2)

Whatever bats the Cubs brought with them on this road trip need top be left at Busch so they can be demolished along with that sinkhole of a park in a few years.

While they are at it, leave Farnsworth, too.

Carlos Zambrano pitched a really great game today. He set a new personal best with 12 strikeouts in 7 innings. In his last three innings, Carlos had 6 strike outs, 2 pops, and grounder to face the minimum. His only problem inning was the fourth (big surprise) with 2 singles in a row, but even then he had 2 Ks and a force out at second. He fanned Edmonds 3 times and Sanders and Morris twice.

Redeeming himself was Hawkins, who worked through 2 solid innings.

Picking up the second loss in 3 games thanks to a walk was Farnsworth who was consistently missing to the left of the plate, walking three batters to load up the bases. The only pitch he got over was the game losing hit by Rolen.

I really think this is a make or break year for Farnsworth. The kid had been living off potential for 4 years now. He’s got the stuff, he can break 100mph, he’s developed a great curve, but he just seams to have the 10¢ head. He pitched a few good innings so faw this year and now has a few direct losses. With the Cubs dealing Cruz, they have shown the willingness to ship talent for prospects. Farny could be next if this keeps up.

Offensively, the Cubs only had once legitimate scoring chance. In the 5th with 2 down and men at the corners, Zambrano hit a weak chopper down the third base line and nearly beat Morris to first. That was also the only inning in which the Cubs had more than one hit.

The only bright spot was Pujols getting tossed by HPU Angel Hernandez in the 10th. On the previous 12-6 curve by Farnsworth, Pujols had started down toward first, thinking he had drawn a walk. When the ump called it a strike, Pujols incredulously sulked back into the box. When the next pitch did yield him the walk, Pujols glared back at the ump and may or may not have said something, because Hernandez promptly threw him out.

Box Score

Game Notes

Hero of the Game
Carlos Zambrano

Goat of the Game
Kyle Farnsworth

Play of the Game
Rolen’s bases loaded single in the 9th

Mistake of the Game
Leaving Farnsworth in the game after walking the bases loaded with 1 out

Home Runs

Time / Attendance
2:48 (11) / 47,757

Jersey Color
Away Blue

Quote of the Game:
No matter if it’s against Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson or whoever is up there, you have to do your job and give the team the opportunity to win, and that’s it.
Carlos Zambrano

On This Date: 1917
Fred Toney of the Reds and James ‘Hippo’ Vaughn of the Cubs pitch a double 9 inning no-hitter in Weegham Park. The Reds win the game 1-0 in the 10th after a single by Larry Kopf and an error at home plate. Even though Vaughn faced the minimum through 9 innings, in today’s game, he would not have been credited with a no-hitter. Toney would go on to win 24 games for the Reds with a 2.20 ERA while Vaughn finished with 23 wins and a 2.01 ERA.

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