(Back)Loaded Statements

While I don’t want this blog to become FireRickMorrissey.com, I just have to make one comment about his latest diatribe warning Cub fans about getting excited about Peter Colangelo perhaps being the next owner of the Cubs. Ricky’s main point is that while Colangelo was leading the Arizona Diamondbacks when they won the World Series in 2001, he left the team practically bankrupt.

“Fans want to win,” Colangelo said. “They don’t care about these things behind closed doors or what goes on in boardrooms. They just want to win.”

He’s right, but fans need at least to ask, What if? What if investors hadn’t found the money to bail out Colangelo and keep the Diamondbacks afloat? It would have been very, very ugly, and we wouldn’t even be having a discussion about him and the Cubs. We would be talking about a franchise standing in a welfare line.

What if he tries to pull the same thing in Chicago and can’t produce that World Series? Then you’re left with no money, no talent and no farm system. Not good.

While I agree with Ricky in not trusting Colangelo, but he is doing so without stating the obvious because it would derail his argument - the Cubs are not the Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks are a 9 year old franchise in a region with around 4 million people and a fanbase that is probably pretty centralized. The Cubs are a 130 years old in a region of over 8 million with a country-wide, if not world-wide fanbase. That means the Cubs are probably bringing in a lot more cash than the Snakes.

Ricky also needs to turn that looking glass back around to his bosses upstairs in the Tribune Tower. While the Cubs blogoshpere has been hashing and rehashing the possible sale of the Cubs for the last few years, who knows how long the Trib actually knew they were going to be selling the Cubs. I realize that it’s hard to tell what a new owner would do with TribCo, but you had to know some sort of restructuring of the organization had to take place in order to resurface the companies bottom line. The Cubs were an obvious luxury item that could be sold off to help pay down the debt. It was inevitable that the Cubs would be sold off, either by the TribCo or whomever bought TribCo. No one would buy the Tribune and all of it’s problems simply to get their hands on the Cubs.

With that said, now shouldn’t we look at the off-season moves by the Cubs as bolstering the team to make them more attractive on paper for a potential buyer. They have added a number of shiny new pieces in the last couple of months and increased Wrigley’s capacity and potential revenue in the last 13 months. All of these moves have to be seen as finding ways to increase the value of the package that is the Chicago National League Baseball Club so they can get the highest possible price from a potential buyer.

Unfortunately, at least two things have suddenly been put on hold due to the sudden sale of TribCo - Carlos Zambrano’s new contract and the proposed parking structure next to Wrigley Field. All of the talk surrounding signing Carlos to a possible five year deal have seemingly been shelved until the end of the season, despite reports that a deal was close. Also, the Trib is backpedaling on the promise of building new retail and parking facilities in order to accommodate the increased number of bleacher fans, which was one of the reasons why the bleacher expansion got city approval in the first place. Neither of these things will be their problem at the end of the season and it is looking more and more like that was the plan all along.

They are also leaving the new owners of the team on the hook for a huge increase in payroll thanks to a number of Sosa-esque back-loaded salaries over the next few seasons, which is something that just maybe could affect how this team may do in the long run. This year, the Cubs have a $99 million opening day payroll. In 2010, the Cubs are already on the hook for $58.75 million for 4 players (Soriano, Lee, Ramirez, Lilly) who only make $35 million this year.

So while Ricky can caution us diehards on the potential problems Colangelo might bring to the Cubs, I don’t see him pointing out the mess that the Tribune has orchestrated right now. And Colangelo is wrong about one thing - fans do care about what happens in the boardroom. We know it affects everything the team will do down the road and frankly, we just don’t trust you.

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