Concepcion Goes For A Spin In Wrigley

I’ve heard of baseball players being superstitious and doing strange things to try and readjust their mojo, but sometimes they just seem like idiotic 20-something boys. Case in point, I give you David Ismael Concepcion.

It was 1976. The Reds were in Chicago in April playing the Cubs, and the only thing colder than the weather was Concepcion’s bat.

“Oh-for-28 or something,” he recalled Friday. “I said, I need to get hot. So I got in the dryer. Somebody closed the door.”

Pitcher Pat Zachry.

“Pat Zachry. He closed the door and he hit the wall and the dryer started running. I spin three times. They didn’t know how to stop it. I burned the hair on my arms,” Concepcion said.

Did it help?

“I had three hits that day,” Concepcion said. “They wanted me to get in again the next day.”

It actually appears to be this game on May 8th, 1976. Concepcion went 3-6 with 2 doubles, raising his average to .179.

Somebody throw Derrek Lee in a dryer.

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