Wow. Just Wow…

Tim Kurkijihskfkjfjnn, immediately following the end of the Padres-Rockies game on Sportscenter.

“Well, I’m not a replay guy in baseball. Let’s assume for a second that they’ll replay this and we’ve got an entire stadium in Colorado exploding around everyone. I mean, they haven’t been to the playoffs since 1995 and then they say, “Now wait a minute we gotta go go into a booth for ten minutes and decide if you are still allowed to celebrate.” I’m sorry, the spontaneity of the game is much more important than getting something like this right. I’m not saying that he is right or wrong, I’m saying, through replay you might not be even be able to tell weather or not he touched the plate. I just like it that human beings are still running the game.”

Normally, I like listening to Timmy’s little factoids and history nuggets about the game but that is the most idiotic statement that I have ever heard come out of anyone’s mouth on ESPN. Kurkijannfhgsnn comes off as the hugest MLB tool and apologist on the planet. This wasn’t some meaningless game in April between the Royals and the Devil Rays - this was a one-game playoff game where one team gets a shot at a World Series and the other gets to make their ten am tee-time on Wednesday.

By Kurkhiohsfhnss’ rational, it would have been easier to go to a replay system if the game had been played in San Diego. Seriously, I would love to see the reaction if this had happened in Fenway between the Yankees and Red Sox.

What. A. F-ing. Moron.икони

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