Digging Up The Past

While digging up the the old ballpark in order to instal a state of the art drainage system, the crew found the old concrete supports for the Bears goal posts.

Goal Posts

The Bears played on the north side from 1921 to 1970. The goal posts were located nearby home plate and the left field wall.

In 1971, after years of squabbling with Cubs owner and Wrigley Field landlord P. K. Wrigley, George Halas decided to move his team. After being vetoed out of Northwestern’s Dyche Stadium by the Big 10 and some wooing by Comiskey Park, Halas eventually decided on Soldier Field. The ancient stadium had to be heavily renovated in order to accommodate the Bears, including adding AstroTurf, shifting the playing surface south 90 feet, and constructing new bleachers and boxes. The move to the south side was only supposed to be temporary, with the team only signing a 3 year lease and expecting to move into a proposed brand new city stadium. Due to Chicago Park District regulations, beer could not be sold at Bears home games.

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