No See TV

I’d love to be able to comment on another bullpen meltdown after Z threw 1 hit ball for 7 innings, but FOX doesn’t want anyone on the West Coast to see baseball being played on a Saturday before noon. Eventhouhg the LA-LAA game doesn’t start till one, thanks to FOX’s rediculous blackout restrictions, no one out here can see anything anywhere. Not on the Extra Innings package and not on MLBTV on the interweb.

MLB really needs to rethink their positioin when they make new contracts with TV in the next few years.

Here’s a list of Cubs games this year that over 60,000,000 won’t get to see thanks to FOX -

May 21 vs WS
May 28 vs COL
June 11 vs BOS (maybe)
June 18 at NYY (maybe)
June 25 at WS
July 2 vs WAS
July 16 vs PIT
July 23 at STL (maybe)
July 30 vs ARI
August 6 at NYM
August 13 vs STL
August 27 vs FLA
September 3 at PIT
September 10 at SF
September 17 vs STL
September 24 vs HOU

That’s 16 Saturday Cub games. The Boston and Yankee games might get a shot due to the noon (local for me) start times.

And it’s not just Cub fans. Yankee, Met and Red Sox fans also get screwed out of broadcasts. There are a ton of New Yorkers in Los Angeles, most of them here thanks to jobs in the tv buisness. I’m sure some of them would have liked to see the Yankee-Met game today but FOX thought they could get better local ratings with ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ and ‘The Littles’.

The Yankees, Red Sox, and Cubs have the most out of market fans in baseball. MLB and FOX are missing the boat bigtime by not catering to these national bases on the one day a week when a lot of fans could actually sit back and watch a game, not to mention cultivating new fans by hitting the kids during cartoon hour.

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