A Series Win

With the 2-1 win tonight against the Cards in St. Louis, the Cubs win the last series ever between the two clubs in Busch Stadium. They also win the season series at Busch and need one more win next week in Chicago to clinch the season series against the Cards.

The very first game between the two clubs in Busch was on May 24, 1966 and was also a 2-0 Cubs victory. Glen Beckert provided all the offense that day. He doubled to lead off the 6th and scored on sac flys by Santo and Banks. Beckert later singled in the 7th, driving in Kessinger from second. The Cubs would finish dead lastt hat year, not only in the NL but in all of major league baseball, while the Cards finished 6th. The victory would one of only four the Cubs would notch against St. Louis that year as the Cards would go on to beat the Cubs 14 times that year.

The Cubs are 141-190 all-time against the redbirds at Busch Stadium. During that same period, the Cubs have a 174-150 record against the Cards in Wrigley with a 314-340 record combined with 4 games to play this year. The only other team the Cubs have played more in the last 39 years are the Pirates.

Some more stats in Busch Stadium’s lifetime via Baseball-Reference.com (with 4 games to go at Wrigley):

Longest Winning Streak for CHC: 12 (May 19 to August 3, 1978)
Longest Winning Streak for STL: 7 (June 14, to July 30, 1985)
Most Runs Scored by CHC: 19 (September 21, 1974)
Most Runs Scored by STL: 21 (April 27, 1977)
Longest Game: 15 innings (August 8, 1990/September 2, 2003)
Times STL Shutout CHC: 50
Times CHC Shutout STL: 34

Overall Cubs-Cards Season Series Record 1966-2004: 14-19-6

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